Code Tree

Giving life to meaningful code and content


Code Tree is a web development business run by Jon Walsh.

Jon is an Australian freelance web developer, currently residing in Vietnam. He is passionate about code and life, and started designing websites while he was still at school.

Jon has a bachelor in IT from Macquarie University (Sydney), has worked with a wide variety of clients, and also worked for many years as a technical consultant for a digital marketing agency (Switched on Media). His long-term clients have been:

Jon's supreme passion is for the hope and life found only in Jesus.


You can contact Jon by emailing jon@ this website.

Feedback on open source projects is most welcome and much appreciated.

Professional Services

While I specialise in web development, I can also provide a range of other IT services. Please contact me for more information.


Code Tree is passionate about open source and has so far given life to: