Code Tree

Giving life to meaningful code and content


Code Tree is a web development business run by Jon Walsh.

Jon is from Sydney, Australia, and has been developing websites for over ten years now. He has a Bachelor of IT from Macquarie University (Sydney), and has previously worked for SEO firms:

Jon also enjoys learning Vietnamese, travels through Asia often, but his supreme passion is for the hope and life found only in Jesus.


  • Brand new sites: Finding creative solutions to clients' web needs is what Code Tree does best. Using the latest web technology, and keeping sites mobile-friendly from the very start, Code Tree always takes pleasure in creating something new.
  • Web renovations: Technology moves very quickly these days, especially in the Web industry. If you feel like your site is getting left behind, Code Tree can help bring it back to cutting-edge.
  • How to improve: Already have a decent site setup? Code Tree is able to give you an evaluation, and identify anything that may be missing, or things that could improve, to help make your site the best it can possibly be.



Created a Flash animation intro for LinkYa, a business networking competitor to LinkedIn.
Created a back and front-end for MM, a music event planned in Sydney.
Created the inner workings of Alive's website, a youth event in Sydney, which included the event's booking system.
Developed the back-end for Ancon, a Sydney University conference.

Smaller-project clients:


Code Tree is passionate about open source and has so far given life to:

  • Imitation: A plugin for the gedit text editor, that allows the user to edit a document in multiple places simultaneously. Designed to aid repetitive programming tasks.


If you need a website either developed, fixed, or improved. Or you have any feedback on open-source projects.

Please email jon@codetree.com.au