Giving life to meaningful code and content


Codetree is a web development business run by Jon Walsh.

Jon is from Sydney, Australia, and has been developing websites for over ten years now. He has a Bachelor of IT from Macquarie University (Sydney), and has previously worked for SEO firms:

Jon also enjoys scenic walks, exploring other cultures, and most of all the hope he found in Jesus.


  • Brand new sites: Finding creative solutions to clients' web needs using the latest web technology, and keeping sites mobile-friendly from the very start.
  • Web renovations: Bringing old websites back to cutting-edge and in pace with the fast moving Web industry.
  • How to improve: Get an evaluation to identify anything that may be missing or things that could be improved, to help make your site the best it can possibly be.



Created a Flash animation intro for LinkYa, a business networking competitor to LinkedIn.
Created a back and front-end for MM, a music event planned in Sydney.
Created the inner workings of Alive's website, a youth event in Sydney, which included the event's booking system.
Developed the back-end for Ancon, a Sydney University conference.

Smaller-project clients:


Codetree is passionate about open source and has so far given life to:

  • Imitation: A plugin for the gedit text editor, that allows the user to edit a document in multiple places simultaneously. Designed to aid repetitive programming tasks.


If you need a website either developed, fixed, or improved. Or you have any feedback on open-source projects.

Please email jon@codetree.com.au